Find answers to commonly asked questions below. For more information please contact us at 1-800-681-4925 or visit our Contact Us page to enter your information to receive an email response from our customer service team.

Product Questions

1) Where can I find your products?

Click here to find a list of current retailers. We will update this information on our site as our products are distributed in additional retailers near you.

2) Are the Baskin-Robbins store flavors the same as the ones you sell?

The basic formulas for our store products and packaged products in your grocery aisle are similar. We did make some slight formulation changes to make our products appropriate for manufacturing and distributing in cartons in the freezer aisle.

3) Do you ever take consumer feedback on flavor ideas?

Sure! Just enter your flavor suggestions in our “Contact Us” information and we’d love to hear your ideas!

Nutrition Questions

1) How can I find out the nutritional information for Baskin-Robbins flavors and products?

You can review the Nutritional information for flavors by clicking on each flavor. The full nutrition information for each product will pop up.

2) Are your products Kosher?

All Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavors are certified Star D Kosher, except Rocky Road.

3) Which of your products contain nuts?

Please see our Nutrition section for each of our flavors for those containing nuts.

4) Do your products contain whey?

Yes, all of our ice creams contain whey, as it is a derivative of milk.

5) What is the source of mono and diglycerides within certain Baskin-Robbins products?

All mono and diglycerides in Baskin-Robbins products are vegetable-based (of plant origin).

6) I have a specific allergy and need some guidance as to what Baskin-Robbins products I am able to consume. Where can I find this information?

If you have an allergy to ingredients like milk, soy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts or wheat, please click on the nutrition information for each flavor to see any allergens contained in that flavor.

Baskin-Robbins Store & Franchising Questions

1) I have a question about the Baskin-Robbins stores – where can I find information on such topics?

Please go to this link for more information: https://www.baskinrobbins.com or call 800-859-5339.

2) How can I find more information about Baskin-Robbins stores or franchising opportunities?

Please go to this link for more information: https://www.baskinrobbins.com or call 800-859-5339.

Birthday Club Questions

1) What is the Birthday Club?

The Birthday Club is a free program run by Baskin-Robbins. By joining the Birthday Club, on your birthday you will receive special offers and promotions throughout the year, good only at Baskin-Robbins stores. To sign up, go to this link:

2) How will I get my coupons?

Five days before your birthday, Baskin-Robbins will send you an email with your FREE ice cream coupon. You will also receive a coupon good on Baskin-Robbins cakes one month before your birthday. Baskin-Robbins does not send out coupons via postal mail. Please note that Birthday Club coupons are only good in Baskin-Robbins stores, not on the ice cream products available in your grocery aisle.

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